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Theme: Estate Records

Irish Landed Estates Database, an Online Resource

Finding Irish Estate Papers

Discover the Irish "Big House"

Book Review: "The Big Houses and Landed Estates of Ireland"

My Find at the Registry of Deeds, Dublin: Archdeacon Family in Cloongeel, Kilmeen, Cork

Good Genealogy Starts with a Question

IGSI Website: The Education Tab

Learning Irish Genealogy

100 Years Ago and More

Theme: 20th Century Irish History

Ireland in the 1900s: Tempestuous Times

A Briefest of Looks at 20th Century Irish History

The Master and Education in 20th Century Ireland

Northern Ireland from 1920 to the Present

An Irish Castle in Phoenix

Are You Ready to Research in Irish Records

Ireland's National Flags

The Inward Light

The Inward Light Dictionary

100 Years Ago and More

Theme: 20th Century Irish Records

The Harp in the Crown: Records of Irishmen Who Served During World War I

Irish Census for 1901 and 1911: Online and Free

Old Age Pension Applications: A Twentieth Century Approach

Corroborate and Correlate Before You Conclude

Family Folklore: Fact or Fiction

News from the Library

Researching Irish Ancestors in New York City: A Book Review

100 Years Ago and More

Theme: Learning the Lay of the Land

The Down Survey: Mapping Dispossession

Ordnance Survey Ireland - Online Map Resource

Get to Know the Territory: Geography for Genealogists

The Great Irish Famine: A Book Review

Irish Maps: Some Books of Interest

Ancestral Connections: Names, Places and Spaces

Celtic Connections Conference

Making a Connection

Congregational Church