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Theme: Societies and Organizations

Irish Repeal Associations

Ancestral Membership in Organizations

Deducing a Townland with Little Evidence: The Origin of James Joseph Sullivan

Fraternity, Unity and Charity: The Massachusetts Catholic Order of Foresters

Records of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in the United States

Canon James Blennerhassett Leslie Collection (Part I)

Set the Table for Success: A Simple Technique for Making Sense of Your Evidence

Clues, Tips and Pointers

My Sullivan Family Search

Rely on the Research Tab - Part 2: Databases

An Attractive Divorcee

Fraternal Organizations’ Websites

Theme: Siblings

Ancestral Siblings: Why We Search for Their Stories

Siblings:Gateway to the Gold

Irish Civil Registration Indexes on

Tracing Siblings of Immigrants to Find Origins

The McNevin Family

Why Study the Brothers and Sisters?

Canon James Blennerhassett Leslie Collection (Part II)

When All the Pieces Don’t Come in the Same Box

Tracking the Elusive Danahers

How Do I Start? Where Do I Look?

Websites to Connect to Other Family

Theme: Artifacts and Home Records as Genealogy Sources

Mining Family Treasures for Genealogy

Treasures in the Attic

Gold Mine in a Red Notebook

From Brian To Bernard: Researching a Forename

Maude Shaw’s Scrapbook

Use of DNA in Irish Genealogical Research

Unlocking the Mystery of Genealogy Through yDNA

Dinny and Maggie’s Caeling House

David Stewart and Henry B. Swanzy Collections

Preserving Family Artifacts

Introducing the Friends of Saint Patrick

Accessing the IGSI Library Periodical Collection

Theme: Military Records

What Did Great Grandfather Do in the War?

British Military Records Relating to Ireland

Additional British Military Records Relating to Ireland

Civil War Pension The Key to Our Journey to County Cork

Reverend David Stewart Collection

Pembina Pioneers

Following Clues Across the Water

Your Key to the Irish on the Internet

Websites for Military Records