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Theme: Internet Research

Genealogy Websites to Explore and Use

Digital Treasures from Colleges and Universities

Irish Ancestors at

IGSI Website: There’s No Place Like Home

The Genealogist’s Best Friend: the Census

Periodicals with Online Connections

Dr. Philip Crosslé Genealogical Collection (Part III)

Genealogy and the Internet

Dublin Electoral List Datbases 1937-1964

Irish Genealogy on the Internet

Irish Family History Foundation and Its Online Research System

Theme: Using Printed Sources

A Basic Irish Genealogy Library

Digitisation of Irish Records:the Current State of Play

Uncovering County Histories: Their Location, Creation, and Uses for Genealogists

My Favorite Resources for Irish Research

Filling the Gaps in Your Family History Timeline: State Censuses

A Goldmine in Local Histories

Finding Books, Articles and Manuscripts Online

Louise Howard and Rosemary ffolliott Collections

The Irish Genealogical Society International Website Part 2: Our Society

Some Family: The Mormons and How Humanity Keeps Track of Itself Review and Commentary

Irish At Home and Abroad: Out of Print But Still Available

Theme: Emigration and Immigration

Passenger Lists for the Port of Boston 1848-1891

Emigration from Ireland: Records at the National Archives UK

How Emigration Changed Ireland: the Impact of Emigration

Irish Place Names and the Immigrant

The DNA Trail to Ireland

An “American Wake”

Tracking Ancestors to America: Records Marking Five Stages of Migration

New Writers, Old Stories: Starting a Writing Group

Emigration, Immigration and New Citizenship: Websites

Henry A. S. Upton Collection

The Irish Genealogical Society International Website Part 3: Explore the Bookstore

Theme: Ireland Place of Our Ancestors

How to Locate the Place of Origin in Ireland: New Zealand Resources

The “Returns”

Portumna Priory Inscriptions

Primary Research in Ireland: A Grand Adventure

All Genealogists Were Once Beginners

What’s Your Surname?

Exploring the IGSI Website: Rely on the RESEARCH Tab – Part 1

John Joseph Greene Collection

Finding the County of Origin