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Theme: Carlow

Searching for Military Records Made Simple

Captain Patrick O’Connor

Try Inter-Library Loan

Irish Research in Canada - Ontario

County Carlow - The City on the Lake

Vital Records in Ireland

Tour to the 3rd Irish Genealogical Congress

British Brig "Undine" of Limerick, Ireland

County Libraries in Ireland

A Narrow Road

Never Pass It By

New Books For Sale

Index to Ordnance Survey Maps

Theme: Wexford

Famine Tribute Cover

County Wexford - The Rough County

The Luck of the Irish Researcher

The Irish Standard

Theme: Laois/Queens

County Laois (Leix) formerly Queens

County Offaly formerly Kings

Script Scraps - Best of the Irish Journals

Finding the Family Farm

Rea Family in Ireland

OPMA, a Treasure Hidden

A Painter of Pictures

Quebec Emigrant Hospital Patients 1828/9 -from Irish Family History, Co. Kildare,

Theme: Louth

County Louth -The Independent Sovereignty of Argial

Strangers to Tea in County Louth

Some Newspapers in Ireland

Using the 1890 Police Census of NYC

Police Blotter and Louth Police Blotter

Irish Immigration - Wexford Irish