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Freedom Rolls (List of Merchants and Traders of Dublin, 1468-1485, 1575-1918)

Agricultural Statistical Surveys of Ireland (1801-1832) at St. Thomas

Arizona Orphan Train riders being sought

Social Security Administration planning to destroy original 37 million applications for Social Security

Library News: Griffith's 1855 Valuation purchase

Library News: 1796 Spinning wheel records - Index of surnames

Donation of old State Street Cemetery transcription (Auburn NY)

History Theatre presents ``Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme``

Irish Records by James G. Ryan [book review]

Pocket guide to Irish Genealogy by Brian S. Mitchell [book review]

Guide to Irish Roots by William and Mary Durning [book review]

Ancestral Chart Updates

Irish Famine Immigrants (place to write for passenger lists)

Irish Place Name Meanings

Newsletter Naming Contest Offerings

Royal Irish Constabulary 1816-1921

Kilkenny Archaeological Society (places to visit in City of Kilkenny)

Guide to Irish Parish Registers by Brian Mitchell [review]

Irish Records: Sources for Family & Local History by James G. Ryan [review]

Territorial Divisions Used in Ireland

Bible Records Found: Marriage ? McIntire and Caroline Parker 1843, some births and deaths

Irish Marriage Customs (early 18th century, at home, within days of Shrove Tuesday)

Irish Naming Customs

-Gravestone inscriptions/histories for Belfast, Counties Antrim & Down [Library News]

Winner of Newsletter Naming Contest - The Septs - beginning January 1990

The Irish Clan-Sept System

Pioneers Who Came Here in 1854, 1855, 1856 (Belle Plaine Herald, 1974), part 1