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Irish County Resources

Don and Kathleen Neill produce a quarterly magazine titled "Irish Heritage Links". Can be found in IGSI library 

This association is involved in the Rally of Settler...

 Pedigree and papers of Huguenot families. Papers relating to the Huguenot cemeteries in Dublin 1960-1980.

Major collections include registers of births, marriages and deaths, correspondence and communal publications, 1820.

Collections include Irish Transport Genealogical Archive of personal records of employees 1870-1950.

Ordnance Survey maps covering much of the railway system. 

Minute books 1885 Ð present. Harbour arrivals and departures books 1875 - Present. General maitenance and wages ledgers and printed abstracts accounts 1885 - present.

Collections include family history and pedigree collection compiled by RWH Blackwood. Belfast News Letter with index to births, marriages and deaths 1738-1863.

 Collection includes membership registers of 2300 lodges

Large collection relating to properties owned by congregation.

Records of 32 industrial schools, residential homes and orphanages run by the Sisters of Mercy.

The Military Archives is the place of deposit for the records of the Department of Defense, the Defense Forces and the Army Pensions Board.