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County Dublin

Apothecaries Hall

Minutes of the Guild of Apothecaries (Guild of St. Luke and the Evangelist. Lists of apprentices, assistants and certificate holders from 1791 on (and more

Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

Registers of fellows and members late 17th century to present. Westmoreland Lock Hospital records 1792-1922

Kirkpatrick biographical file with information on some 10,000 Irish medical practitioners.
Sir Patrick Dunn’s Hospital records 1808-1986
St. Ultan’s Hospital records 1919-1986

Genealogical Office

Collections include Registers of arms, 16th century, Registrations of pedigrees, 16th century.

Records of Sir William Beetham including his abstracts from Irish perogative wills (30 volumes) and pedigrees (23 volumes).
Family genealogies and loose pedigrees.

Genealogical Society of Ireland

This group is taking on a wide range of projects to promote genealogy and to collect and index local records of genealogical interest. Some of their projects are:

Dun Laoghaire Heritage Society: South County Dublin

Member of the Irish Genealogical Project. Indexing of the parish records of Dun Laoghaire is complete, with work continuing on the records of adjoining parishes. Graveyards - Deansgrange, 1868-1900 & St Begnet's Dalkey, 1738-1900. Have published several pamphlets of local interest. Many of these can be found in the IGSI Library and Bookstore

Military Archives

The Military Archives is the place of deposit for the records of the Department of Defense, the Defense Forces and the Army Pensions Board.

Valuation Office

Griffith’s Primary Valuation 1852 for the Republic of Ireland with accompanying maps.

General Register Office

Collection of births and deaths in all of Ireland 1864-1921 and the Republic of Ireland 1921 – present. Marriages registered all of Ireland 1845-1863 except those of Roman Catholic religion. Marriages in all of Ireland 1864-1921 and the Republic of Ireland 1921 – present.