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County Dublin

Dublin City Public Libraries Dublin and Irish Collections

 286 manuscripts abd trabscripts if nabyscripts cikkected by Sir John T. Gilbert on the history of the City of Dublin and Irish history. Dublin and Irish Collections. Manuscript leases relating to Dublin properties.

Allen Library

Material relating to the Congregation of Christian Brothers including O’Connell School’s roll books and class lists (much more; material relating to the history of modern Ireland 1916-22 including photos; and material preceding 1916 on local and social issues.

Irish Jewish Museum

Major collections include registers of births, marriages and deaths, correspondence and communal publications, 1820.

Mercy Congregational Archives

Large collection relating to properties owned by congregation.

Records of 32 industrial schools, residential homes and orphanages run by the Sisters of Mercy.

Representative Church Body Library

Extensive collection go to website to find catalog

Religious Society of Friends – Historical Library

Records for Quakers include family lists, Registers of births, marriages and burials 17th -20th century.

Diaries, records of Quaker schools in Ireland. Pedigrees, wills, deeds, marriage certificates 17th -20th century

Irish Huguenot Archive

 Pedigree and papers of Huguenot families. Papers relating to the Huguenot cemeteries in Dublin 1960-1980.

Masonic Order

 Collection includes membership registers of 2300 lodges

Irish Railway Record Society

Collections include Irish Transport Genealogical Archive of personal records of employees 1870-1950.

Ordnance Survey maps covering much of the railway system.