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Ulster Historical Foundation

Member of the Irish Genealogical Project. This organization has been in existence since 1956 and is a non-profit organization that promotes the knowledge of and interest in Ulster and Irish genealogy and history, and to make information about the sources in this field more readily available.

Besides the Ancestral Research Service, they publish a number of historical, educational and gravestone inscriptions books. The Ulster Genealogical & Historical Guild was formed to spread research information and bring together people of similar interests. The Guild is managed very much like a book club. Subscribers receive an annual publication containing articles about Irish history and genealogy called "Familia: Ulster Genealogical Review". The Guild also publishes an annual interest List of individuals being researched. Subscribers are allowed six free entries. Guild subscribers can also receive a quarterly journal, "The Linen Hall Review".

Holdings: The Foundation now has recordings of pre-1900 gravestone inscriptions for most of Northern Ireland and has all pre-1900 inscriptions in the city of Belfast and counties ARMAGH and DOWN and most of those in the other counties. Twenty seven volumes of inscriptions have been published, volumes 1-20 for Co. Down (new additions for volumes 2 & 5), 3 volumes for Belfast and 2 volumes for Co. Antrim (IGSI has all of these).

Indexing Counties Antrim & Down. 

Phone: 02890 661988
Ulster Historical Foundation The Corn Exchange 31 Gordon Street Belfast BT1 2LG PUlster Historical Foundation The Corn Exchange 31 Gordon Street Belfast BT1 2LG