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Irish Heritage Association

Don and Kathleen Neill produce a quarterly magazine titled Irish Heritage Links. (IGSI is a member and this journal can be found in IGSI publications.)

This association is involved in the Rally of Settler Families as well as several clann gatherings. They have published the book, How to Trace Family History in Northern Ireland, which is available from IGSI. They have also published books: The O'Neills of Ulster, High Kings of Ireland; Clan Maguire of Fermanagh; Index to British Soldiers of Irish Birth Stationed at Chatham Barracks, Kent, England: 1851; First Newry (Unitarian) Presbyterian Church Registers, Co's Armagh & Down; In Preparation: and What to Do With Your Roots Now that You've Dug Them Up. They will do research.  

Tel: (01232) 45 53 25

A2 15/17 Proview 310 Newtonards Rd Belfast BT4 IHE Northern Ireland