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Dwight A Radford

Fri, 2015-04-10 10:25
Submitted by webeditor
Authored Articles

Scots-Irish Research: The Ulster Records.

Scots-Irish Research: Getting Them Over the Water

Church of Ireland Records: Determining What Has Survived

Research Strategies and Databases

Names and Database Searches: Not as Easy as You Might Think

Moravians, Mormons, Quakers and Why I Should Even Care

Irish Does Not Always Equal White in America

Tracing Presbyterian Ministers as an Emigration Strategy

Pre-1845 Church of Ireland Marriage Bonds

Congregational Church

Old Age Pension Applications: A Twentieth Century Approach

The Inward Light Dictionary

The Inward Light

Finding Irish Estate Papers

Online Irish Research at FamilySearch

Tracing Church of Ireland Clergy: First Steps

Creating a Genealogical Dictionary or Glossary

South Africa Death Notices

Using Workhouse Records to Reconstruct Emigration history

Using Workhouse Records to Reconstruct Emigration History

Location of Poor Law Union Records in Ireland

Location of Poor Law Union Records in Ireland

Taking Sources and Developing a Census Substitute

The Methodist Church in Ireland

The Methodist Church in Ireland

Encumbered Irish Estate Court Records

The Irish Plymouth Brethren

Creating a Census Alternative

United Kingdom and Ireland Passenger Lists

Getting the Most Out of Griffith’s Revision Books

Early Scots-Irish Research in South Carolina

Linking Property in Griffith’s with the Tithes

More About the Tithe and Griffith’s

Tracing Siblings of Immigrants to Find Origins

Records of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in the United States

Irish Place Names and the Immigrant

Irish Immigrants Among Three American Minority Religions

Vital Records in Ireland