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Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers Needed – Donation of Time

If you are interested in getting more information on any of these needed volunteer jobs fill out form at the end of this page and someone will get right back to you.


Website Linkage Editor – Work From Home Volunteer

Help is urgently needed to monitor the website links to other websites.


Journal Indexer – Work From Home Volunteer

Help is needed to write index text for The SEPTS. On our website, there is a search mechanism that allows our members to search the archives for specific topics.  This volunteer would read the issues of The SEPTS, and glean topics for the index, then enter the topic into a spreadsheet or into the database.


Irish Saturday Researchers – Minnesota Volunteer

Help the public research and answer questions on Irish genealogy or the library computers during Irish Saturday (second Saturday of each month). Training will be provided by IGSI and start out at your level of comfort. 


Proof Reader for the IGSI Journal – Work From Home Volunteer

A proof-reader is needed to help out the team of The Septs. This individual will be sent an early digital copy of the journal for proofing the articles and layout of The Septs. A person with an eye for detail is needed and the job will come about around the 2nd week of September, December, March and June. 


Library Volunteer – Minnesota Volunteer

Staff the welcome desk in the MGS library on Irish Saturday (second Saturday of each month). We are asking you to commit to one of two blocks of time. Either the morning (10 – 1) or the afternoon (1 – 4) shifts are needed. Training will be provided and others who know the desk will be available during all shifts. 


Special Collections Indexer - Minnesota Volunteer

IGSI has been given a treasure box(7 in all) of original documents that we need to index and scan. This is a huge project that we can use help to do. This project must be done in the library. Training will be provided and hours in the library are flexible (even during closed times). 



Writer for The Septs or Ginealas eNewsletter – Work From Home Volunteer

Writers who would enjoy being published or would like to share their genealogical knowledge should consider helping IGSI by writing articles for IGSI journalor the e-newsletter. More information and dates articles are needed will be given by emailing. 


Fresh Eyes Editor for Special Projects – Work From Home Volunteer

This is a perfect job for members who have an eye for detail. This person will check the work done by indexers and other special project data entry members. Everything can be done at home no matter where you live.


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