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IGSI LINKS - All Ireland Geographic

All Ireland:

An excellent free site for finding both church records and civil records 


Everything!  Ecatalogue; searchable

free database of vital records, charge for full information copy

nonprofit organization established to develop and promote the growth, study and exchange of ideas among people and organizations interested in Irish genealogical and historical research and education. Check projects; surname database.

Lists resources (mostly Heritage Centers)by province and county

established to promote an interest in genealogy in Ireland by organising Open Meetings, lectures, workshops and publishing genealogical material.

lots of good stuff including surname lists, links, and Irish information; over 200 pages of info

includes: Database for Irish Civil Registration 1845-1958

Website URLs, address/contact info

This web-site has searchable (by name) information on over 120 Irish families who lived in Victorian Stafford - who they were, where they came from and what may have happened to the


Irish born merchant seaman (from the Southhampton Civic Archives)

Searchable database for names on memorials before 1969; photos of memorials and text of inscription; slow but free.

from the Irish Times; a wealth of information but charges for most.

North and Republic - >100,000 records available; 9/2011: no longer; 2 pounds per record downloaded but searchable free by name - results VERY small/not readable before purchase.

their Ireland page. GenUKI has plenty of information for anyone searching in Ireland or Great Britain.

a part of the World Genealogy Web projec

Good information about the list/tithe; records for purchase



Genealogy page


Lists/descriptions of books; Genealogy section with some County, City and Borough Directories 1862


email for genealogical information: can track property ownershop/transfer from Griffith's to presen

organization for Irish Clans and Families throughout Ireland


Articles and advice on searching for U.K.-related genealogy, including help with Irish research.

Griffith's/number of households; variant spellings and where each is found; free site



This site is part of the WorldGenWeb Project and is the local resource index page for Ireland research.


Volunteers will do lookups in the books they own; books, listed by county, with connection to volunteer