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Digging Deeper in Ireland


What if all you know is…


  • Keep at sources in U.S.
  • Research extended family
  • Look at friends and neighbors (especially if ancestor moved after Ireland)
  • Look at ancestor's descendants
  • Look at intermediate countries of migration
  • Locate surnames in Ireland
  • MacLysaght
  • Index to Griffith’s Primary Valuation: CD

The County?

  • Your next goal is to find the Parish and Townland
  • More research outside Ireland many be needed
  • Research all branches of the family
  • Check for clues as to geographic origins (Minor religions, occupations)
  • Check with the County Heritage Center
  • Check Householders Index to Griffith’s Valuation
  • Check Tithe records
  • Look for place where spouses’ name are together
  • Look for families that stayed: 1901 Census, Civil Registrations of deaths, marriages

The Parish?

  • Differentiate between Civil and Church Parishes
  • Church records often give Townland
  • Check
    • Householder’s Index to Griffith’s
    • Tithe Applotment Books
    • County Heritage Center
    • Irish censuses and census substitute

The Townland?

  • You are in Irish genealogical heaven
  • Make sure it is in the right Townland (Many had the same name)
  • Check for alternative Townland spellings
  • Locate the Townland on maps
  • Find the home site using Griffith’s Valuation maps.
  • Start digging in Irish sources