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Digging Deeper in Ireland


What if all you know is…

  1. Ireland?

    1. Keep at sources in U.S.
    2. Research extended family
    3. Look at friends and neighbors (especially if ancestor moved after Ireland)
    4. Look at ancestor's descendants
    5. Look at intermediate countries of migration
    6. Locate surnames in Ireland
  • MacLysaght
  • Index to Griffith’s Primary Valuation: CD
  1. The County?

    1. Your next goal is to find the Parish and Townland
    2. More research outside Ireland many be needed
    3. Research all branches of the family
    4. Check for clues as to geographic origins (Minor religions, occupations)
    5. Check with the County Heritage Center
    6. Check Householders Index to Griffith’s Valuation
    7. Check Tithe records
    8. Look for place where spouses’ name are together
    9. Look for families that stayed: 1901 Census, Civil Registrations of deaths, marriages
  2. The Parish?

    1. Differentiate between Civil and Church Parishes
    2. Church records often give Townland
    3. Check
  • Householder’s Index to Griffith’s
  • Tithe Applotment Books
  1. Check with the County Heritage Center
  2. Look at Irish Censuses and census substitutes
  3. The Townland?

    1. You are in Irish genealogical heaven
    2. Make sure it is in the right Townland (Many had the same name)
    3. Check for alternative Townland spellings
    4. Locate the Townland on maps
    5. Find the home site using Griffith’s Valuation maps.
    6. Start digging in Irish sources